Slip And Fall Injuries

slip and fall injuries attorney john strafaciProperty owners are responsible for keeping their property safe, and if they fail to do so and you are injured, they may be responsible for your injuries. Cases related to slip and fall accidents often require an injury lawyer to prove that the property owner was negligent or careless. This often requires a knowledge of the building codes and other laws and regulations, so it is important to find professional legal assistance. Our New London, CT firm is equipped to handle all the needs of your slip and fall case.

We will need to establish that the property owner was negligent. To do so we need to establish the following:

  1. Defective Condition: The injured person needs to identify exactly what caused the fall. The cause of the fall must usually be from a defect on the property. Many times, we need someone knowledgeable to show that there was a violation of a building code or other regulation. Other times, when a fall was caused by water or another substance on a floor, we need to show that the property owner failed to properly clean and maintain the floor or property.
  2. Notice: The property owner must have had notice of the defect, such as water on the floor, and then failed to correct the problem within a reasonable time.

The injured person must establish that the property owner either knew or should have known of the defect that caused the injury. In addition, the property owner must fail to remedy the defect within a reasonable amount of time prior to the slip and fall accident.

It is also important to take photographs of the area or defect/condition which caused you to fall as soon as possible.

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