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new london ct attorney john strafaci referralsIt is a great honor when another lawyer or client refers someone needing assistance to our New London, CT, attorney, John Strafaci. At the Law Offices of M. John Strafaci, we believe in providing attentive and compassionate legal aid to every client. From your very first phone consultation with Attorney Strafaci, our legal team will take the time to get to know you, answer your questions thoroughly and attend to your legal needs.

John Strafaci is a New London, CT, attorney specializing in…

  • Personal injury & worker’s compensation
  • Criminal law, including DUI cases
  • Tribal law & casino cases
  • Wills & probate law
  • Divorce & family law

The next step to getting the legal help you need is to request a phone consultation with Attorney Strafaci. Your initial consultation is completely free for all types of legal matters. In addition, if you are calling our New London law firm about a personal injury or worker’s compensation issue, you will not pay any fees unless and until Attorney Strafaci secures compensation for your injury.

To request your complimentary initial phone consultation, call 860.442.8667 or click here. We look forward to assisting you!


Attorney John Strafaci is an Experienced New London, CT, Attorney for Personal Injury, Worker’s Compensation, Family Law, Divorce Cases, Casino Cases, Wills & Probate, Real Estate Law, and Criminal Law Serving New London, Norwich, Groton, Waterford, East Lyme, Stonington, Ledyard, Montville, Griswold, and Mystic, CT