Choosing the Right New London, CT, Lawyer for You

The Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Attorney in New London, CT

new-london-ct-law-office-m-john-strafaciIf you are in search of a New London, CT, lawyer, then chances are you need help with something important. When you don’t already have an established relationship with an experienced attorney, finding someone to assist you may feel intimidating. How can you know if the lawyer you found in a Google search is right for you?

At the Law Offices of M. John Strafaci, we believe you have a right to honest, reliable, and experienced legal care, and we want to help you ensure that your attorney is right for you – even if that means choosing another New London law offices! To assist you with your search, Attorney John Strafaci has listed 5 key factors that you should consider when looking for legal help. Whether you need a criminal lawyer, probate lawyer, or family lawyer, these 5 important question should always be at the top of your list.


Question #1: Are They Experienced in the Type of Law you Need?

This is absolutely one of the first questions you should ask your potential New London, CT, lawyer. The laws that govern us are incredibly complex – far too complex for one attorney to practice all of them. For example, a personal injury attorney may not know anything about copyright or music industry law, and a divorce attorney might not be able to defend a client for medical malpractice. Most attorneys specialize in a few areas of law and will refer clients to someone else for legal issues outside their own experience.

Because of this, the first question you should ask before spending any more time researching an attorney is: Do you practice the type of law I need help with? Don’t simply accept “yes” as an answer, though! Ask your potential attorney how much experience they have helping clients with similar needs as yours. Especially if your legal needs are complex, you should choose an attorney with years of experience, not someone fresh out of law school.


Question #2: Are They Reputable?

Don’t simply take your potential New London lawyer’s word for it when they tell you they’re great! Take some time to research a lawyer on your own. A WARNING, however: Watch out for reviews on places like Google, Yelp, or Facebook. Unfortunately, litigation can be unpleasant at times, and a lawyer or law offices can easily accumulate bad reviews as retaliation from people they have litigated against. These types of reviews do not get confirmed by Google or others, so they aren’t always a good indicator of a lawyer’s true reputation.

There are three other ways you can research your potential lawyer that are much more reliable:

  1. Ask other attorneys. Attorneys tend to know a fair amount about each other’s skill, experience, and reputation. If you happen to know a friend or family member in the legal system, ask them if they’ve heard anything about the law offices you’re considering.
  2. Ask for client references. Ask your potential attorney if they have any clients who would be willing to provide a reference for them. This is particularly useful if they have references from clients with similar legal needs as your own.
  3. Confirm the attorney is in good standing with the CT lawyer disciplinary agency. If your potential lawyer has had any serious grievances filed against them, this may be a red flag.

Question #3: Do They Have an Organized & Friendly Office Staff?

Ask your potential New London, CT, lawyer if you could be given a brief tour of their law offices. As you look around, take note of the offices’ state of organization. While large stacks of files and papers are normal in any lawyer’s offices, there’s a difference between numerous files lying around and total chaos. If the desks look like a hurricane has swept through the offices, this may signal a level of disorganization that could cause problems for you.

Also pay attention to how the staff acts with you. Do they seem happy or disgruntled? Polite or rude? Overly stressed employees can be a sign of a problematic law office.


Question #4: Do They Offer a Flexible Payment Structure?

If you are seeing an attorney for a personal injury or worker’s compensation claim, then your lawyer should not expect you to pay any fees unless you win your case.

For other types of legal assistance, make sure your potential lawyer’s legal fees are explained clearly and up front. Some attorneys expect full payment at the time of service, while others may be willing to work with you to arrange a payment structure over time. Make sure you know your New London lawyer’s payment expectations before deciding to hire them.


Question #5: Are You Comfortable with Them?

Your comfort with your attorney may be fairly subjective, but that doesn’t make it any less important than the other 4 questions on this list. Take advantage of the initial free consultation offered by many attorneys to speak with them and see how they make you feel. Here are some examples of things you might watch for…

  1. Do they return your phone calls in a reasonable amount of time?
  2. Do they take the time to answer your questions thoroughly, or do they rush through your conversation?
  3. In situations such as personal injury, or DUIs, do they openly share both the benefits and risks of their advice, or do they seem unrealistically optimistic?
  4. Do they help you to feel at ease, or do they leave you uncomfortable or embarrassed?

Even if everything else points to a lawyer being right for you, don’t be afraid to go with your gut. Remember: your New London lawyer will be your guide and advocate – possibly for quite some time! You deserve a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable.

The information in this article does not constitute legal advice and is solely for educational purposes. If you are in search of legal representation, feel free to contact Attorney John Strafaci for your free phone consultation. Same day consultations are available! Call 860.442.8667 or click here to request your consultation today.


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